There are over a dozen major companies working on multiple categories of quantum computing, delivering significant advancements in the processing, transport and storage of information via quantum particles. The current IT landscape will experience a massive shift as the processing of data will be an insignificant cost factor. It is of my belief that the transport of data as we know it today, via cable or wireless transmission, will also be replaced by the advancements of quantum networks where devices will ‘point’ to information, instantly and irrespective of distance and demand, via entanglement in limited applications within seven years.

Why should Kollective invest in planning for quantum network design?

Kollective already has a client base that requires strict security and compliance requirements. Separate to the efficiencies provided in accessing data through entanglement, quantum cryptology provides unbreakable encryption.

As Kollective is already a leader in the field of enterprise content distribution, it would be in its best interest to plan on having a compliant system ready to take advantage of quantum networks as it becomes viable.

The images below provide a visual correlation to how Kollective approached their impressive East / West technology to the analogy of current computing as a flat circuit board and optical quantum networks as multiple dimensions of access.

Traditional Networks

Quantum Networks