Blockchain integration into Kollective’s SD ECDN can significantly increase the performance, scalability and security of both content and user authentication while providing the foundation for its next generation platform.

As blockchain retains data via currently unbreakable cryptography, it makes it impossible to create, delete or modify data without being detected by the entire network. This will greatly reduce the probability of compromised authentication or content while providing a ledger that is capable of uniquely identifying authentication to the smallest desired divisible of content data. Blockchain can integrate to enhance all of Kollective’s multi-layered security functions including, user authentication, network level authorization and content validation.

The decentralized model of blockchain can optimally serve Kollective’s IoT development strategy by delivering the capability to its future edge network via unprecedented fault tolerance and optimization that would ideally combine with AI integration.

Blockchain peer-to-peer decentralization architecture is an ideal fit to Kollective’s current distribution model.

Financial institutions, among which are clients of Kollective, have started development of their own chosen Blockchain platforms.