Project Description

Metal Roof Specialties, Inc. was founded in 1992 by Jerry Iselin. In the late nineties Metal Roof Specialties expanded it’s contracting business and also became a supplier of metal roofing and siding products. In 2004 Jerry’s daughter Haley joined the business, and this father daughter team have been working together every since, and loving every minute of it! In 2011 the company began performing inspections on commercial metal roofing projects for one of the largest west coast manufacturers in addition to their contracting and material supply services. In 2013 the business redirected its concentration specifically to wholesale/retail supply and training programs, which is where they remain. As the metal roofing industry and markets have grown, Metal Roof Specialties, Inc. has continued to adjust and provide the most valuable solution appropriate. They are proud to have created this niche, by providing unmatched experience and expertise to all consumers interested in metal. Both Jerry and Haley not only work full time in the business, but are passionate about metal roofing, siding, interiors, fencing, gutters…..the proof is on and in their own homes, just ask them.